New website, who dis?

New website, who dis?

After years of neglect, we are back to utilizing the website. We’ve got so much in store for the community, with a dedicated server, new staff, and a brand new adult rated sim! Stay tuned for more to come. ~Seren

Secondlife Pony Community Halloween / Nightmare Night Events!

Looking for some virtual pony fun this month? The SecondLife Pony Community has many events and celebrations going on all throughout the month of October. Here is a list of all the amazing Nightmare Night celebrations happening through out the SL Pony Community!

Neighberry Nightmare Month: Night of the Freaky Fruit and Candy Hunt-
Things have gone CRAZY in the quiet town of Neighberry. The fruit and veggies have all risen from thier patches and are seeking out pony victims with candy to torment. Grab a weapon and help Nightmare Dashu defend our town from the petrifying produce and take back our candy while winning some amazing prizes and costumes along the way. Seek out hidden candy along the forest for extra points to use in prize redeeming.

Neighberry Presents: Nightmare Night Concert feat. Drummershy & Cyrilthewolf-
Join us in Neigherry on Oct 30th at 4pm SLT (7pm EST) for an Outstanding and Spooktacular 2 hour concert performance featuring Brony artists CyriltheWolf and Drummershy. Afterwards, stick around for an hour long DJ set From our local music pony, DJ Serendypity, and a costume contest hosted by Sakairi Melodious for a Linden Prize so big, it`s SCARY! You wont want to miss out on rocking the night out with us.

Pony Town Roleplay: Nightmare Night-
Come out for a night of fun at the Pony Town Roleplay sim. Bring costumes and scary stories, or just bring yourselves to collect candy and enjoy some fun social role-play with other characters.
The festivities start on October 31 at 12:00 PM SL time (GMT-7, PDT) and will run until at least 4:00 PM, or longer if people are still around playing!
We’re also gearing up for some spooky adventures of sorts. Details and scheduling are TBD, but events will likely run in the days leading up to Halloween.
Find us on-sim at Pony Town Roleplay or drop by our Discord and ask any staff member for details. If you’re curious about who we are and what we do, check out the intro on our wiki:

Mineral Ridge Grand Opening-
I formally invite all of you to the Mineral Ridge Opening Event starting on the 16th of October!!! This will be an ongoing event lasting till Halloween. We have a wonderful crystal mini game and the more you play the better prizes there are~ We would love to see you attend our lovely little opening. That is… if you can protect yourselves from King Sombra…

Canterlot Nightmare Extravaganza-
Join Canterlot on Oct 24th for a scavenger hunt featuring a fantastic corn maze! Festivities wrap up on the 31st with a Nightmare night party starting at 4pm! Many trinket prizes and much more will be waiting for visitors and attendees.

Luna`s Empire Nightmare Night-
Hello there! Here at Luna’s Empire, our Nightmare Night event is a game of catching ghosts. Every Nightmare Night, our forest becomes haunted with these ghoulie creatures! We need YOUR help on capturing them for exchange of candy! Yum! You can use the candies you earn to buy some pretty awesome prizes. All you would need is a candy basket, which is provided, to catch these ghosts. But be careful! Some ghosts are rare. The more rare a ghost is, the more candy you earn! But you better come catch them soon. Event is all month long until the end of October 31st!

Trotsdale Spooky Stories-
Join Trotsdale every Thursday at 6pm SLT For some spooktacular stories, and stick around for the company and Nightmare Night Atmosphere!

For more information about our hauntingly awesome community, please join us on discord at or visit us on the web at
Have a fun and safe Nightmare Night and Halloween!

Article Written by Sakairi Melodious

Neighberry proudly presents! Nightmare Night 2020: Candy Hunt “Night of the Freaky Fruit!”

The fruits and veggies have risen! And they’ve come for Nightmare Dashu’s candy… Come join the community as we battle to return the candy to her candy store, and earn amazing prizes as a reward. You can find the candy through-out the event area as well.

Post con blues?

SL Ponycon was simply amazing. The attendees, the staff and the co-con chairs made this event one to remember. Check out the Twitter page and Discord for more information, and pictures of all the amazing fun.

Neighberry has got you covered with things to do! Karaoke every Thursday at 5 PM PST / SLT. DJ sets on Monday and Friday at 5 PM PST / SLT as well. This Saturday, July 4, 2020, We’ll be having a patriotic party celebrating Canada Day and Independence Day. This party begins at 2 PM PST / SLT.

We’ve got events, community and so much more!

Trotsdale Winter Gala

Hey there everybody. I’ve slacking on the update post on the home page. We’ve had so many events, and so many cool things happen around the community. Here are a few pictures from the Trotsdale winter gala, our New Year’s Eve and Hearts and Hooves event. Stay tuned for even more!

Community photo weekend!

This past weekend, we started prepping for Bronycon, by having a GIGANTIC Second Life community photo. The final picture will be featured on a flier, that we’ll be handing out at the convention. Thank you to everybody for being apart of this.

Kick off the summer!

We started this summer in style! The Town of Neighberry celebrated at the newly opened beach. Many thanks to the very talented Izzy for constructing this amazing area. The party featured DJ Crayzee, who was laying down the hot tunes for the super cool crowd.

Show & Tail @ Ruby Hills

Tonight at 6PM SLT to 8PM SLT there will be a Show and Tail event at Ruby Hills. Hang out with some of the awesome creators in the SL Furry community and browse some of the new mods while listing to an awesome live DJ! There will also be at least one exclusive mod for this event from Furry Fashion Critters Drop by and check it out!

Start of Summer Beach Party! May 26th @ 1PM PDT/SLT

Is that the sound of Seagulls, the smell of crisp fresh salty air, and the white glow of an amazing moonlit beach after a full day of fun~?! Well, it certainly will be on May 26th~! Bring your best swimsuits, surfboards, and coolers because it’s party time this Sunday! Neighberry is starting off the coming of the hottest season with the coolest event~ Join everyone and come dance along with the sounds of DJ Crazy. One small pony with big tunes~! Expect prizes, and a nice night to wind down before the week! See you all there~

Welcome Carbondale

Another wonderful sim has opened within our Second Life MLP community. They had an amazing grand opening capped off by a DJ set. Be sure to check out the sim. Carbondale is a Fallout Equestria themed sim.

Visit the historic coastal town of Carbondale!
Experience the stories of the earliest gemstone mines in Equestria while enjoying our fine shopping and dining accomidations.
At least, you could before the balefire bombs dropped

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